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  1. my pigmy palms approximately 3 years old appear to have strong roots but the trunks are brown, they were exposed to harsh cold weather this past winter. They are green at the base. What do I do to make them start leafing again. same thing with two of my queen palms. the queen palms were 10 to 12 feet tall.

  2. If they haven't leafed out yet I'm sorry to say that they may be goners. Several of my pygmy date palms have died as well, and a neighbor's queen palm bit the dust too. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but at least you've opened up a spot in the garden for more plantings!
    My areca palm clump died this time around, but I used the trunks as a support for some bromeliads. My dead pygmy date palm rootball was used in the same way! Its interesting, because the cluster that died was planted right next to one that survived with no extra protection. This winter was an exceptional one, so why not get another?
    If you want something hardier try radicalis palm... I have a profile on them under the "profiles" link.


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