Gardening With My Dog!

Here's panda hanging out while I garden.  When he's not trampling my bromeliads and 'watering' my gingers he can be a pretty decent gardening buddy after all! 

I visited my mom's place today and since the weather was wonderful and everything's died back anyway, I decided it would be a perfect day to divide some gingers!  Unlike the rest of the neighborhood, the grass was still green in the backyard and there was no shortage of other things to be happy about.  Just as I was staring at a big brown mess of leaves and thinking about how long it would take to grow back, a bright red cardinal flew down to get a drink from the birdbath only several feet away!  It was so beautiful to see it sipping against that monochromatic background of dead leaves, it might have been a scene of snow for all I cared.  I lost count of all the other songbirds flitting about in the pines and cypresses above, and watched various woodpeckers securing their daily grub from their corresponding trees, sounding like typewriters, jackhammers and telegraphs in their own unique rhythms.  I even got to plant and divide some bulbs, and best of all my dog didn't trample any bromeliads today.  Making progress.


  1. I've noticed a lot of extra bird activity since it warmed up. I need to try to get some pics, but photographing birds takes so much time. Panda is such a beautiful dog and I'm sure a great garden companion. My corgi actually watched me pulling weeds one day and started pulling them himself with his mouth! I do not lie. I'm scared to bring my little doxie out because she likes to hunt and eat frogs, which makes her really sick, and she tries to run down the armadillo holes. Dogs and gardening....gotta love it!

  2. Love the scene you described for us! I don't have anything for birds in my garden yet. My plan is at least putting a birdbath and some bird feeders around my garden this year. Then, of course I need to learn all those names, so I don't sound so dumb when I try to describe what bird I see :)

  3. Sounds like quite an enjoyable day, and one spent with your best bud outside in the wonderful weather. I'm sure your mother appreciated the help, too. Just wanted to let you know that I added you to my blogrolls at both CFG and Simply Susan.

  4. Panda looks like he is curious and interested in what you were doing ;-) The climate hot and dry there? I hope the grass will grow back and turn back green soon. Then Panda could enjoy the backyard more. Btw, have you grown calla lily before in Florida? if yes, do you leave them in the soil when they die back?

  5. Floridagirl- I love corgis! They're my second favorite dogs.

    Ami- I need to put out some seed but if the squirrels don't knock the feeder over, it rots and ferments in our wet summers. I'm lucky to have woods in the backyard to attract all the wildlife! Plant native!

    Susan- Thank You! I have to check out some of the other blogs you listed, especially the native orchids one!

    Stephanie- My grass is still green, the neighborhoods isn't because it just got that cold and dry. I want to grow callas and will be sure to plant some this spring. It would do well in the wet soil and I'd love to use it for a bouquet...

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