A Dew Covered Morning

Neoregelia "Tequila" in front of Nandina "Firepower"

The Rainforest Garden was cool and moist yesterday, and dew remained spattered on the leaves late into the morning.  I decided to break out the good camera this time, since there seems to be more and more to photograph lately, and you guys are probably growing weary of my crappy cell phone camera by now anyway. 

Vriesea Phillipo-Coburgii

Neoregelia "Red Bands"

Alocasia "California"

alocasia macrorrhiza emerging even bigger than last year!

A dry stream bed created by some flooding rains we had recently.

The paurotis palm in the photo above came back rater nicely even though the spears pulled out.  You can see the brown cut edges where they rotted!
 Yellow Anise
The "Willies Gold" Ti plant 


  1. Your capture of the morning dewdrops is lovely. Neo 'red bands' is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful photos! I love dewdrops and raindrops on plants! I see some very familiar faces in there, i.e., 'Tequila' and 'Willi's Gold'...two of my faves. Love the 'Red Bands'! It's one I've been eyeing online but have yet to find one at a nursery.

  3. Thanks NanaK! Its nice to use a good camera every now and then...
    Floridagirl, Yup, I'm a copycat! Anything in that color scheme is great as far as I'm concerned... I even designed the color scheme of the site around the plants I love most, all of them having some variation of lime green, magenta and maroon. That way my photos match the site!

  4. I will have to check to make sure, but dew
    is something that I remember everywhere in Puercorico
    when I was a child.

    Now it is not that common. I will have to check with more care. I dare write that the huge amounts of
    concrete/asphalt of the last five decades have made
    it disappear in the urban context.

  5. Love the new design ... very easy on the eye and the extra pages are a great idea.

    Your photos are lovely ... dewdrops are not a common sight in my corner of the world. The 'Red Bands' is the shot that caught my eye ... terrific colours!

  6. antigonum, could be the desertification... Though I know there are still some very wet parts of Puercorico, at least according to my friends from thereabouts.

    Bernie, Thank you so much! I spent hours learning the markup to do this page just right, so I'm glad you like it! I like red bands as well... It looks like sound waves to me.

  7. Oh, I just saw that poll in the sidebar. I do like the new design, but I am one to like the bright colors, so I don't know how much my opinion is worth. (I hope no one votes "too bright" since these are my blog colors as well.) Not sure about the whole thing scooted over to the left. Very different from other blogs. I have a wide screen, so half the screen is solid green. I may copy your pages idea, linking them to title photos, instead of art, though.

    So strange to read that some parts of the world don't have dewdrops. Probably would be great for growing roses. No blackspot!

  8. I love the new design! This is a very fresh green that makes the blog looking very "spring"!

    I also have that Neoregelia "Tequila" and one very similar to "Red bands". They are very pretty. Oh, BTW, where do you guys find the names of the names for Bromeliads? I use this site: http://www.bromeliads.co.nz/sunny.html. But seems not able to find "Tequila" and "Red bands" there.

  9. Rainforest gardener,
    I love your new look. You have so much information on here, and now it makes it easy to go back and find that detailed information that you knew was somewhere...... thanks for taking the time to re-format.

  10. Hi, You definitely should bring out the good camera more often. I love the composition of the Paurotis Palm and the Willies Gold photos. Gorgeous.
    Your new design is really nice. It is very clear and easy to follow. The only thing I would change is to make the column width of the first column wider because then your photos would be larger...and you have all that extra space to the right anyways. I have been wanting to do more with my site but have been too busy in the garden to spend the time to figure out how to do it. Maybe when it rains....

  11. floridagirl, I think our blogs match our choices in plants! I kinda like the left aligned format... I'm an asymmetrical kind of guy I guess!

    africanaussie, Those are the best comments i could ever hope for! I suppose that I always wanted to make it a resource of sorts, so it means a lot to me that you would actually want to go back and find something!

  12. I love how drops of water can be so beautiful on the leaves of a plant.

  13. WOW...that Neoregelia "Red Bands" is spectacular!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

  14. Sorry to comment a third time. Just wanted to say I didn't intend to criticize the left-side format. I'm not into symmetry either. I just didn't know if everyone else was seeing 50% of the screen in green. I know my own blog suddenly displayed much wider when I got this new laptop a couple months ago. The new design does look great.

  15. Your Neoregelia "Red Bands" is my favourite! In fact your whole collection look really good. I hope they will reward you their beautiful bloom soon.

    Your Yellow Anise is new to me. I cannot recall now if the nurseries here sell them. Maybe I should keep an eye on this one. Its compact leaves makes a good candidate for hedge?

  16. Ami, Thanks! Well, for the bromeliad info I use a book called "Bromeliads for the Contemporary Garden" first but then refer to websites like Dave's Garden or The Florida Council of Bromeliad societies. Both links are in my sidebar! Of course I get a lot of help from you guys as well...

    Laurie, I'll probably end up moving the whole body to the right just a little, but it already almost fills up my 1024px wide screen as it is. I think theres a rule I can create that keeps it 1/3 of the page, but I'll have to learn that. Thank you so much for the idea!

    Noelle, Its nice using a camera more appropriate for macro shots... I'll do it more often!

    Julie, The best part of red bands is that it didn't take much freeze damage! It was covered up by sheets, but regardless...

    Floridagirl, Don't apologize! The page actually takes up most of my 1024x768 screen but I'll probably mark up the css to make it line up to a third of the screen as soon as I figure it out. Thats just the info I need to hear from you guys so I can improve it!

    Stephanie, It seems that everyone really llikes the "red bands"! Neoregelias are amazing because they look like huge flowers on their own! The yellow anise is a native to florida so I don't know if you can get it there. It's invaluable to me because its evergreen and eventually forms a dense conical small tree. Its also flood tolerant, perfect for my swampy yard!

  17. I just got my own domain name of www.therainforestgarden.com and apparently doing this has made all of the comments disappear. From what I've read, they'll be restored in a few days when the domain is set up... I hope!

  18. Nevermind, I fixed it! Anywho, now you can also visit me at www.therainforestgarden.com

  19. Neo Red bands looks gorgeous, I like the way you captured the dew in the morning.


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