7 Ways to Save Money on Plants

Shopping for plants can be an exhausting and bewildering experience, especially if you have a lot of questions. Will these flowers survive a year in my garden? Are clearance plants really that good of a deal? Should I buy a bigger plant or a smaller one? What's the difference between an annual and a perennial, and why should I care? Why are plants so expensive? Before you drive to the garden center with full on spring fever, read this article and learn how to fill your garden beds on a budget by making smart and informed decisions.

How to Combine Houseplants for Easy Indoor Gardens

A combination of houseplants is easier than a bunch of individual plants, especially if you choose the ones that actually like the same amounts of sunlight and water. It's also a lot more rewarding to tend to an lush and well designed indoor garden than it is to merely keep that one sad Dracaena in the corner alive. While my book Plant by Numbers goes into much more detail with plant lists, substitutions, design tips and care guidelines, I'll get you started by showing you how I made the combo pictured here.

The Parable of the Banyan (Or, How I Planted a Tree in a Rock)

Following the loss of my mother two years ago, I received a mysterious package containing a bonsai Schefflera from an unknown, yet incredibly thoughtful benefactor. I was humbled by the generous gift, but since I was admittedly a little off my gardening game at the time, I forgot to water the new bonsai for a week and found two dead stems staring me in the face. The one surviving stem had a lot to teach me.

The Marigolds that Grew from Concrete

"I wouldn't want to be in that neighborhood alone... but don't worry. We'll have some protection." The Troy-Bilt area rep beside me said something ominous to that effect as we snatched up stone crab claws from a bed of glowing shaved ice at a swanky South Beach restaurant. We were all having a blast, but I couldn't help wondering why we were planting a garden for a neighborhood that we would need protection from in the first place. I had a lot to learn.

6 Ways to Garden Like a Billionaire - On a Budget

How many times have you opened up a magazine for garden ideas only to be discouraged by photos of unattainable gardens owned by the wealthy? Last week I had the honor of travelling with my friends in the Troy-bilt #Saturday6 to plant a community garden and visit the extraordinary formal gardens at Vizcaya, but rather than just give you a tour, I'd like to use the experience to share some tips you can use to make your own garden spectacular, even if you're short on time, money and space. Use your imagination, people!

Plant by Numbers Release Day Giveaway!

My book finally came out today and I'm so excited to finally share my approach to indoor container gardening with the world. To celebrate the release of my book Plant by Numbers: 50 Houseplant Combinations to Decorate Your Space, I've teamed up with some superb houseplant suppliers to give away $100 worth of prizes that will help you make your own living arrangements! Read on to learn more about my book - and how to win.

How to Eat a Passionfruit and Grow the Seeds

If you’re lucky enough to score a passion fruit at a specialty grocery store or on a trip to South Florida, rejoice. Do a little happy dance when no one is looking, buy the leathery and wrinkled egg-shaped fruit at whatever exorbitant price it commands and try to drive home safely despite your giddy excitement, resisting the urge to text your friends about your fabulous foodie find until you’ve arrived at your home in one piece.

Gardening One Step at a Time

Call it cold feet, seasonal affective disorder, burnout or just plain apathy, it's really easy to get intimidated by the very same garden that brought you confidence and joy just two seasons ago. I come across as a pretty positive guy most of the time, but lately I needed a little reminder of just why I bother with gardening in the first place. Don't worry, I came to my senses.

Grow the Garlic, Leeks and Onions in your Fridge

If you ever wanted to try your hand at gardening, those unused veggies in your kitchen are a great place to start. Just think: you can plant a whole garden from kitchen scraps that would otherwise go in the trash! Growing garlic, leeks, shallots, garlic, elephant garlic and other pungent members of the Allium genus is so easy that a kindergarten class can do it, but follow these simple tips to get the most bang for your buck.

How My Mother Accidentally Prepared Me to Be a Dad

My wife and I were always baffled as to why anyone would possibly want to have a kid; to bring someone into a scary world just give up their sleep and sanity; and then having to constantly fear for that child's safety and wellbeing... it didn't add up. Looking back though, it made perfect sense. We had a crash course in caretaking in the months leading up to my mom's passing, and can't imagine saying no to the opportunity to do it all over again. That said, I should probably mention that I'm going to be a dad!