Plant by Numbers

My book will be released March 1st, 2014 by Cool Springs Press but is also now available for pre-order through Amazon. In its colorful pages I will show you how to create 50 beautiful indoor gardens by combining houseplants into artful arrangements, as well as guide you through the ins and outs of caring for your works of living art.You'll learn how to make container combinations of compatible houseplants that can handle anything from low light to direct sunlight; from chronic over-waterers to the most forgetful owners. Whether you're trying to brighten up your desktop, make a living focal point for your living room or grow an herb garden on your windowsill, there's an indoor garden for everyone!

Click here to pre-order your copy from Amazon today! 

To give you a little sneak peek and show you what you can expect to see when it's released, here are some of my blog posts featuring projects very much like the ones you'll see in the book.

DIY Coral Reef Succulent Container Garden

Container Garden Art by Candice Suter

DIY Air Plant Wreath

Recycled can be Beautiful

Container Garden Art by Kris Blevons

Rainforest Drops

A Behind the Scenes Look at Making Plant By Numbers

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  1. How exciting sweet man! Hey did any photos of mine get in your book? Or did you do your own work? It will be great!


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