Sketching Plants With My Soulmate!

What's better than enjoying time with the one you love? Spending time drawing plants with the one you love, of course! This evening my wife and I sat down together after a hearty homemade stew, set up our models (a chartreuse pothos and a Siam tulip) and put our pencils to paper for my very first collaborative Sketch a Plant Sunday! Feel free to share your own drawings too...

Jennifer picked her favorite houseplant for today's post - one of our chartreuse golden pothos - and rendered it using Stabilo pastel pencils for a colorful and painterly look. Her style is more fluid and relaxed than mine and a breath of fresh air after obsessing over my own drawings. You might notice a consistency in her style after seeing last weeks SAP Sunday drawing of Brazilian Red Hots. I love it.

I on the other hand opted to draw a Curcuma alismatifolia that I had purchased for a cut flower arrangement a while back. After I cut the flowers for the arrangement I hacked the stems all the way to the ground to get new growth and flowers.

I'm more of an OCD detail oriented kind of guy when it comes to drawing plants, but maybe that's just because I have a gardener's appreciation for these details and can't let them go un-drawn. Maybe I need to take a cue from my wife and loosen up a little! I can't wait to spend each weekend drawing plants by her side... it's like a dream come true.

Please share links to your own drawings of plants in the comments below! Don't have any drawings of plants yet? Then go ahead and pull up a chair, pick your favorite plant and get started!


  1. I am envious!
    So sweet and loving who do sketching together. keep the love burning.

    How I wish I will meet my future husband as well.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  2. I'd like to see the desert rose, you both draw so well.

  3. Very nice rendering of the curcuma. You got all the curves of the bract just right. No flowers on it yet? It's one of my wife's favorite flowers.

  4. What wonderful drawings! I use to love to draw and took it in college. But when I turned about 21 or so I inherited essential tremor. So I can't anymore. It's great to have something like this to do with your spouse.


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