Sketch A Plant Sunday: Brazilian Red Hots

Happy SAP Sunday, everyone! Today I'm proud to present a sketch of a Brazilian Red Hot plant drawn by my lovely wife, Mrs. Rainforest Gardener! I really like how she captured the character and form of the Alternanthera dentata by giving it a lacy and filigreed look, making it look airy and carefree. She insisted that she only shared her sketch so that drawing wouldn't look too intimidating, but I absolutely love it. I'm a very lucky husband, aren't I?

This is what the real plant looks like

And this is my wife's rendition!
If you would like to contribute your own sketch for SAP Sunday, leave a link in the comments form and link back to me on your blog post. The McLinky seemed a little pointless since there aren't too many participants... yet! I started this meme to get myself in the habit of drawing more often and to ecourage others to appreciate their garden in a whole new way through the experience of drawing. Be brave, people!

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