Sketch A Plant Sunday - Magnolia Seedling

This is the first real sketch of my Sketch A Plant Sunday project; a quick pencil sketch completed while half-awake and yearning for caffeine. I've just returned from a day trip to Winter Park last night (Don't worry, I have over 200 photos) and somehow the full nine hours of sleep weren't enough for me this time around. It's always rewarding to force yourself to draw something, even when you don't feel like it.

The plant featured is what my wife calls a little "Charlie Brown" plant. I had started this sapling from a magnolia tree's seed at the Mayo Clinic last year during another one of my mom's hospital visits. While it hasn't necessarily turned into a mighty tree, it has developed a sturdy little trunk! What trees have you grown from seeds?

Every Sunday I ask that you join me in sketching a plant - any plant, and post it on your blog or share it via the Facebook page or Twitter. It doesn't have to be great or anything. I just want people to appreciate the beauty of their plants more intimately though the experience of art. Please link back to my page and share the link using the Linky below. Thanks!

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  1. Great drawing! I have never grown any Magnolia from seed, but chestnuts, horse chestnuts, catalpas, and redbuds, and right now I have seedlings of date palm pomegranate going, as well as a tiny little live oak that has just put out its fifth leaf... :)


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