Mega Macro Monday, Leu Gardens Edition

After a trip to Winter Park and its fabulous gardens, I've decided to make up for lost time and share a really big Macro Monday post using some shots from my little excursion. I spent all day around Leu Gardens, Polasek Sculpture Gardens, downtown and at a couple of nurseries drinking lots of water and continuously losing it as I became drenched in sweat. I know that visiting gardens during a heat advisory sounds pretty dreadful, but look at what I found!

Spiderwort looks serene against a backdrop of ornamental grasses

These Billbergia pyramidalis bromeliads were everywhere. No complaints here!

Caesalpinia is one of those plants I'd like to grow someday... I like the foliage as much as the flowers.

Not sure why they call it "bleeding heart"... sounds gruesome.

Cuban petticoat palm poses well for architectural shots. :)

I'm sure the birds will love these coneflowers when the seeds are ready!

These are Celosia flowers. I know this because of my knowledgeable Facebook buddies!

Have you ever smelled Passiflora "Incense"? It smells as good as it looks.

Orange bird of paradise as seen fromthe front. See the little ant?

God, I love tibouchina.
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  1. Gorgeous macro pictures! Love that Orange bird of paradise! Wonder why I never saw that kind of Celosia flowers here in nursery. It is beautiful!

  2. Beautiful photos!! Love the celosia!

  3. Fabulous shots! Such a variety of lovely flowers. Mickie :)

  4. Caesalpinia easily starts from seed, dies to the ground here just north of Tallahassee each winter and dependably returns from the roots each spring. Good companion with Tecoma stans.

  5. Leu Gardens is one of my favorite places...beautiful shots!


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