Sketch A Plant Sunday - Dracaena

Part blog carnival and part attempt to get back into the habit of drawing more often, Sketch A Plant Sunday is when I draw a plant, post it, and hopefully see some of your drawings in return! Show me yours and I'll show you mine... or something like that. I've commenced by exploring the outlines of a Dracaena "Limelight" in my living room, and next week I'll continue by going over the lines with ink.

If your eyes are glazing over a bit, bear in mind that this is just one way of going about this business of drawing. You can be much more relaxed than my approach for your first Sketch A Plant Sunday drawing: whimsical, sketchy, simplistic or even cartoony. You can draw from photos, real life, memory, or your imagination. I want to see drawings of every type!

The drawing above was lovingly completed on a handmade envelope by my wife this year, and the envelope contained twenty dollars for me to spend at the Kanapaha Plant Sale. She didn't use a reference or take herself too seriously, but instead fearlessly forged ahead with her pencil with no reservations to hold her back. THAT'S what I want you guys to do! Spend just a couple minutes or more drawing a plant, and share it here.

1. Navigation
I've mapped out the "points of interest" lightly with a mechanical pencil - I'm referring to the tip of a leaf, the point where three lines meet up, the edge of the container, etc. The priority for me at the beginning of the drawing is to get the proportions right, or at least close enough. There's nothing more frustrating than being almost finished with a drawing and realizing that nothing looks right!

2. Marking Points of Interest
Now I'm starting to pay more attention to the details. I want to include the leave's waves and ripples, and ensure that things match up right. Extra "sketchy" lines are erased so that they won't confuse me later... I'm easily confused and distracted. Important parts like the junctures of lines or the tips of leaves are penciled in a little darker so that I can remember where I put them. Did I mention that I'm also forgetful?

Next week I'll take the plunge and settle down with some ink for a little permanence. Then I'll focus on the quality of the line, and vary the pressure and width to give the drawing volume. I'm also hoping that more of you will join me by then! Surely you could find a leaf or a stick to draw... If you'd like to make my day a whole week sooner, be sure to share your link here using the McLinky!

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