Plant Chandelier and Other Ideas

My friend Cora always has the best ideas. This gorgeous many-armed plant stand was once just a cruddy looking chandelier on the side of the road, but Cora knew better. She sandblasted it with the help of her son and daughter and law, painted it white, and filled the chandelier's arms with an assortment of potted plants that she found at a yard sale. You think this is cool? Wait til you have a look at her wind harp crafted from a GOURD!

A wind harp (or Aeolean harp) is literally played by the wind itself, creating random and mysterious sounds as the wind runs across the strings, causing them to vibrate. Translation: Best garden sculpture EVER! If you're interested in purchasing it from the lovely and talented Miss Cora, I'll be sure to pass your offer along to her. This took people's choice award at the Cherokee Gourd Artist's Gathering in North Carolina last month too, by the way.

Another neat project she's working on is this hummingbird feeder, made from a smattering of glass pieces from Salvation Army and is held together by GE II silicone caulking. All she needs now is a wide and flat piece for the base for support. I will definitely be paying attention to her progress.

In case I lost you, here's a better shot of the chandelier plant stand. I'm sure that it could easily be hung from the ceiling if you choose to make one of your own, but I'd recommend hanging it from a solid beam and securely attaching the containers to the chandelier via wire or twine so that you don't find them flung all over the patio. Otherwise this would make an excellent centerpiece or focal point where it can be enjoyed at eye level. Taking the idea a step further, I can imagine how nice this would look with white containers held in place discretely with wire that's also been painted white. Oh, who am I kidding? I wouldn't change a thing.


  1. Steve, thanks for your kind and flattering words! I guess I forgot to note that the pots in the chandelier are held on with hook and loop. And that each pot and it's location are numbered - just in case one should want to change out the plants, etc.

  2. I am fascinating by the wind harp. Would love to get in touch with Miss Cora concerning the harp. email is
    Thanks, Karen


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