Spring Has Arrived!

Well, at least spring has arrived here in Florida. Last night I woke up in a cold sweat after having a horrible nightmare, in which the weather forecaster predicted unheard of lows in the teens! Then I woke up. After I regained my composure I was more than eager to explore this delightful and ice free spring day. If any of you had nightmares of frost and ice, take solace in the fact that you're not alone. I am so happy to finally take photos of pretty plants again!

The other day my fiance and I were checking out the venue for our wedding and as you can see, I was thrilled by the spring scenery! Actually, my fiance said "It's gardening day, Steve! Strike a pose!" and this is what I came up with. What can I say? Plants do make me pretty happy after all, especially when they're no longer in danger of being melted by surprise hard freezes! You can how pale I've become from spending way too many hours typing on my keyboard.

Beech tree?

Royal Fern

Sweetgum... I think.

Bald cypress

Boston ferns blanketing the forest floor

Don't those trees look happy?
This afternoon I'll finally have the chance to make the drive to my parent's house and get out in the garden! I've been itching to transplant my ti cuttings, test out my new hand saw, take some photos, and finally take care of the vegetables that I planted in winter! This is why I generally avoid vegetables. When 'my garden' is actually a 30-40 minute drive away, those veggies don't really get the care they need. Those poor collards and snap peas...


  1. Glad your dream was just a nightmare. Spring is busting out down here too, only not as noticeable as where you are. There are lots of spring flowering trees in bloom and that's always wonderful to see.

    I love that Loropetalum. I've not seen it down here. Maybe we're too hot and humid for it.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  2. Hey Steve! Nice pose!!! Those trees and flowers are all so purdy in the warmer habitat!!! It has been so pretty down here also (Palm Beach). Love your thick forest pics! Makes me think it is a gorgeous day for a little hike.....mmmmm.

  3. Flowerlady:
    The loropetalum should be fine down there! I think there are just so many other spring flowering shrubs to choose from.

    Thanks! Though I definitely welcome the warmer weather, it seems like I'm too busy worrying about plants in winter to really enjoy the cool weather. Then out of nowhere, summer hits me like a sack of hot bricks. :(

  4. Here in South Florida I'm afraid to plant too much until I get my micro irrigation system in. The heat gets so hot that things just dry up and blow away. I'm going to try to get most of my front yard covered with sprinklers this summer. Back yard next year.

  5. Saw on the news that in California your dream came true - maybe that's what you were dreaming about. Spring is a wonderful time isn't it.

  6. I have been merrily whacking back the last of the sticks, digging in the amendments and even starting to plant some of the cuttings from last fall. Now, if only it weren't so darned HOT!

  7. We've just experienced record low night time temps here in Portland, OR. Night before last it was 18 degrees! Its such a sad thing, to see all of the new foliage pushing and flowers blooming, then BAM!! ....Ugh!!!

    Maybe your nightmare was about Portland???!!!

  8. It's so good to see that spring has arrived in all of Florida. I understand your happiness. Your garden at the parents' house is going to be amazing in no time. Are you having an outdoor wedding? Looks like a lovely setting in the woods.

  9. That kind of weather forecast would give all of us nightmares. Glad it was only a dream. Looks like a very pretty venue for a wedding. When's the big day?

  10. Steve, the warm weather is definitely something to be happy about! Great venue for your day of nuptuals...can't wait to hear all about it and see more poses from both of you!
    As always, you impress me with your knowledge of plant names. My first goal is to know all the names of those in my yard...then I can venture out. :D Love that pretty pink shrub...gorgeous!


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