I'm Going to Atlanta!

I recently blogged about the Proven Winners Outdoor Living Extravaganza in Atlanta, and guess what? I'm going! Does anyone else want to come along? I have it on good authority that snacks will be involved...

I'm driving almost 6 hours from Jacksonville to Atlanta, but I'll be rewarded by four excellent speakers, a goody bag, giveaways, a yummy lunch, and most of all, garden friends! I've already confirmed that three of my garden blogging buddies will be there, and I'm sure I'll meet plenty of new friends too.

I'll drive up to Atlanta the day before and visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and their epiphyte filled conservatory! They have this awesome exhibit on orchids, and you know I'm all about orchids. Here's a quick video of the display, Orchid Daze, Liquid Landscapes!

It's been a while since I've gone on a good road trip, so I'll take advantage of the solitude by listening to my favorite songstresses on the way up; Charlotte Martin, Kate Havnevik and Imogen Heap . Hey, maybe I'll even rent an audio book from the library! Any suggestions?


  1. Wow...have fun, and be sure to take lots of pictures to share with those of us so far away.

  2. Will do! Hey, I do believe you have that big NWFGS thing going on in Seattle right now! Oh, and I WILL be taking lots of pictures and tweeting live from the event too.

  3. Have fun on your way there Steve! And I'm sure you'll have a great time there. Looking forward to the pictures!

  4. "Snacks will be involved." LOL! At work, the newsroom bosses knew that if they wanted reporters to come to a meeting, cookies MUST be provided!


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