A Video of Me Showing You the Garden!

My sister came and shot this on the fly, so I had no time to plan... hence the "um"s and messed up hair!  Here's a link to see the uncropped full screen video in HD!


  1. thanks for sharing this Steve - it is nice to get an overview. Also thanks for pointing out that my pineapple guava was not that at all! I think you just saved me from an invasive plant!
    see my latest post.

  2. Glad I can be of help! As I commented on your blog, that yellow guava looks like a good candidate for my garden! I'll have to look into that.

  3. Great fun! Good for you for being game, I'm not sure I would be so brave. I LOVE that cinnamon ginger...never heard of it but it is sexy! And of course all the Bromeliads, they are pretty darn hot too1

  4. So now you've moved on up to broadcasting! Wow!
    My teenage son wants to put me on Youtube, but I'm still thinking about it since I'm a bit shy. It will be fun to see how your garden changes in a year, especially those trees.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  5. danger garden:
    I'm a very shy person, but the only time I feel at ease is when I'm talking about gardening! That cinnamon ginger is also known as false cardamom, and the botanical name is alpinia nutans. It really does provide a lush look, and it didn't even die all the way back in winter!

    I hope to do more videos when I've actually had time to plan more... maybe I can focus on specific how-to's or plants instead of rambling next time! I'm really shy too, but not when it comes to gardening!

  6. Bravo, RFG! I love touring private gardens like that! Adds a completely different dimension than just still photos. I often find myself trying to lure friends and family into my own garden to "talk about my plants." Or to wander around their gardens talking about theirs...that's fun too. Of course, I usually get blank stares in return. As much as I like to talk about them to people I know, I don't think I'd ever have the courage to do a video.

    By the way, love all those tropicals, of course, with the Willi's Gold at the end being the perfect finishing touch!

  7. that was a nice tour steve and it was good to see you giving a detail tour of your gardens, it adds so much more demension...thanks for sharing this.

  8. Hi, Steve -- What, no cannas? They were the first thing I planted when I had my own garden. Despite water restrictions here (Southern CA), I still grow Canna 'Pretoria' because of its incredible striped leaves. (And I'll bet you thought my garden was just succulents!) Thanks for the tour, it's fun to get to know you ;+)

  9. Hi Steve! You're a star now!!! :)
    Nice video...really fun to see what all you have in your gardens! Your sister did a great job filming! I also LOVE that false cardemom. Will check to see if it will stay alive down here in zone 10...it is a beautiful plant!!! Sure wish yours would bloom for you, and then you could show it to us!!! Take care!

  10. Floridagirl:
    There are plenty of neighbors that I would love to meet so I can discuss gardens with them too! One family down the street has this ancient looking sea grape bonsai on a pedestal, and sea grapes are kinda my thing. Oh, and I thought you'd like the ti plant!

    Thanks! Its nice to show a bit of context instead of scattered pictures. Luckily my sister had a little camera to use!

    Thanks for stopping by! I have tried cannas, even starting canna edulis from seed and seeing it through to flowers! Unfortunately their roots always get eaten by pests and I vow not to use chemicals out there if the plant can just be replaced. I LOVE pretoria, and even planted the black "australia" at my soon-to-be mother in law's garden, letting them tower over the chartreuse elephant ears!

    That false cardamom will do even better in zone 10, and I'm sure it will even bloom down there! Alpinia nutans is perfect without blooms, but considering I have mine in full sun and moist soil I'm sure they'll eventually surprise me.


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