Garden Inspiration I'm Digging

Instead of doing a roundup of all my posts like I did for September, I'm going to share some of the links I've been talking about on Facebook and Twitter last month!  I'm going to make it a habit of sharing inspiring links to jump start your creative process, and this time I'm focusing on inspiring stuff on the web. 

Flora Grubb is known for creating vertical gardens/installation art using succulents, and I love her website and blog.  I also found a post where she created a tillandsia art piece that will blow your mind!  Be sure to check out the chic and modern gifts at the shop portion of the site.

Bromeliopolis is a brand new online magazine for bromeliad lovers, and I'm really impressed with the clean design and great articles.  Visit Bromeliopolis even if only to look at the pretty pictures!

Apartment Therapy is a great source of ideas for interior design, and this translates well into the realm of garden design when you're looking to create an outdoor living area.  Just type "garden" in the search box and you'll be rewarded!

Dirt Couture is like "Anthropologie" for gardeners!  Here you'll find some artsy and stylish gifts for loved ones and... yourself, such as these adorable ceramic mushrooms!

Stay tuned, and next month I'll be sure to feature other things I'm digging such as blogs, books, or elements of everyday life!  For more inspiration...
For a list of last month's articles... 


  1. Love this idea! I try and share links on a regular basis but I've been a bit scatterbrained as my book deadline gets closer. Not enough garden bloggers link to other cool things on the interwebs. Keep up the awesome work Steve!

  2. Thanks Fern! It was actually you who gave me the idea to post inspiration from other sites, and I've seen it since then on other sites as well. I can't wait for the book, and I'm sure its going to be great! Its about time us balcony and patio gardeners had a book to read just for us!

  3. Great post, Steve, thanks. It's fun to get a nice synopsis of good stuff


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