Plant Shopping!

Actually I got these a week or so ago but I thought I'd share some of my great buys with you, including lots of orchids and rhipsalis, and a few other epiphytic plants as well.  I recently had money to spend, and a wish list to check off.  I'm sure you don't mind me sharing... after all, isn't talking about new purchases one of the best parts of garden blogging?

This huge plant is actually a terrestrial reed stem epidendrum orchid, or epidendrum radicans.  I got this gigantic orchid for only $20 because it was out of flower, and you can only imagine how it will look when the multiple clusters of bright orange flowers dangle into the air... Have any of you grown this before?  Any-who, here the reed stem is in its new home at The Rainforest Garden, in the front courtyard!

I also got a great variety of orchids from Green Earth Orchid Nursery as well as bagged orchids from Lowes and a local Ace hardware!  I got mostly cattleya hybrids, but also found some epicyclia "butterfly kisses" and some encyclia "nursery rhyme" hybrids.  Between those and the cattleyas I spent on average, $6 an orchid!

My favorite finds were the epiphytic cacti from Seven Trees Nursery, (see post on them here) which I got for $5 a hanging basket.  They are the toughest and lushest looking houseplants I can think of, and they look good all year and even when out of bloom.  Remember my vertical garden from a few posts back?  Well, I used cuttings from these cacti along with some of those cattleya orchids to put that thing together!  Here's a picture of the installation, and you can revisit the post for a closeup.

So what are your recent plant purchases?

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  1. My favs are your epiphytic cacti, of course! I never have been a very big orchid lover...can't tell you why...but I understand their appeal. My Mom had a huge (blooming) one with small yellow blossoms in front of her house today! You sure found some nice bargains!!! I wish!!! I haven't bought anything new except a few begonias on sale at Lowes for 50 cents...that was fun! Oh, BTW...I noted today that one of my Christmas cactus is covered with buds!!

  2. Plants shopping is always fun and exciting for gardeners! You got lots of great buys. I have that epidendrum radicans, and just recently cut some suckers into the ground. The only problem I have is keeping them upright since they tend to bend to the ground.

    I have been doing quite some plants shopping too recently. Bulbs, orchids are ordered on line, and I am still searching for the roses for Florida weather.

  3. I'd certainly be interested in seeing what other gardeners/blotanists buy. Wow, so many plants and they are good finds!

  4. That is why your garden
    and 'collection' look like a hotel/motel entrance, only the flamingos are missing.

    Nursery shopping.

  5. You got some wonderful buys. I have the reed orchids, growing all over the place. They are easy and spread and bloom to their hearts and mines content.


  6. Julie: I'm so happy to hear about your Christmas cactus and your mom's orchid! I might just have to get some Christmas cactus this year, since it is a rainforest cactus after all!

    Ami: Good to know you have the reed stem too! It seemed to have the same floppy habit for me too, but thats okay since I'll just cover the creeping stems with mulch to root and protect them! I forgot about your bulb purchase! I recently got a hurricane lily bulb myself, but it probably won't bloom til next fall.

    Autumn Belle: Yes, it is nice to live vicariously through the world of blogging! :)

    Antigonum: Thanks for visiting!

    Flowerlady: Yay! I can't wait to see them all blooming to their hearts content in my garden as well. I started some cuttings too!

  7. Great buys, I am trying to stay away from the local nurseries, with the holidays coming up I am dropping hints about my favorite plants and what I need in the garden


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