My Favorites for November

unripe fig
I usually miss Simply Susan's "Favorites" meme since I'm not at the house to take photos, but I suppose I could just recycle some pics, right?  Its not so much that I have favorite plants for the month of November, the whole month is actually my favorite time of year in the garden since my garden is in its prime and frost hasn't yet laid waste to the landscape. 

Heliconia "Costa Flores"

Turk's Cap Hibiscus

Princess Flower

Everglades Palm

Oncidium "Sharry Baby"

Vriesea NO ID
Foliage of ti plant, alpinia nutans 'variegata' and alpinia formosana
Here's a post from fall of last year... I don't have the treefern, rajapuri banana or areca palm anymore though!  Stupid cold winter.

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  1. You are so correct about November being the best month in the garden....I think it rates next to April and May as well. It's artistic perfection....the green plants stay green and the plants that lose their leaves change colors giving off color accents all's really beautiful....then December comes:(....but that's when I can start my spring work. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Love the shadows on that Everglades Palm and your Oncidium is gorgeous. I agree that it is so nice to be in the garden in November.

  3. rohrerbot:
    The fall foliage is just now starting to light up around here, and there are these two local bradford pear trees that fire up with the brightest colors all the way in late December!

    It really is great weather this time of year, and most of my plants keep plugging away in spite of the impending cold. Here's hoping that this winter isn't worse than the last! Oh, and the oncidium smells AWESOME!

  4. Hi steve...Thanks for joining in this month. You have selected some really nice favorites. I have a bromeliad (that's just starting to bloom) that looks very similar to your heliconia. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  5. Your firespike photo is very beautiful. I love that plant too. My Hawaii Ti is also showing the pretty foliage this month. Love it!

  6. great

  7. Beautiful pix, Steve. Princess flower's a stunner. Is that tibouchina? I've seen some outstanding displays of Turk's cap this fall. I'll have to put that on my list. ... NanaK, there is always some disaster just around the corner here. Have you noticed? We gotta just keep a step ahead! (Cuttings!)


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