Radicalis Palm Berries and Tweets!

I finally have a second crop of radicalis palm berries!  I collected seeds from the first ones, and they sprouted in summer. This time I'll plant each seed in an individual cell or container so I can share them more easily! 

For those of you who are uninitiated with this palm, its about time you look for one.  They're cold hardy and showed no damage in our record breaking winter, and the feathery leaves make it look much more tropical than it really is.

If you ever get berries of your own and want to plant them, simply clean the flesh of the berries off, rinse the seeds, and allow them to dry.  The germination rate is supposedly greater when the seeds are fresh, though I saved mine for months before planting and I had a 100% germination rate.

For more information on chamaedorea radicalis, check out my plant profile!  Here's a pic of my clump today.

Oh, and while I've got you, be sure to check out my new twitter page and Facebook page! I've finally gotten with the times and learned how to use "the Twitter", though I do admittedly still use a cassette player and struggle with those newfangled MP3 players. 

I'll be hip by the time I get old.


  1. Ha! At least it's not an 8-track player. (do you even know what that is???)

  2. That's so cool. Now you have lots of this palms in your garden ;-)

  3. danger garden:
    Yes I know what that is! Sheesh...

    And I do love palms...


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