"Virtual Tour" My Garden!

Here's a "virtual tour" of my tropical themed backyard.

Click the panoramic images of my garden and zoom in to see them close up!

I hope you enjoy your visit, and be sure to tell me what you think!


  1. Tricky little thing you did there with the technology! Everything looks great. That alocasia is to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Your tropical garden looks very lush.


  3. Tropical garden looks wonderful.

  4. Great side gardens!! I love the arrangements.

  5. Those panarama views are really neat. Everything looks like it is really growing and filling in. The heliconia are beautiful. Is that a Queen Emma crinum hiding in the back there? The leaves look so nice.

  6. Nice panarama view of your garden! Love the heliconia, the flowers really pop up and make a big tropical statement!

  7. The plants look so lush and beautiful. Great variety. Love the look with the walled garden. It protects the plants nicely too.

  8. Great idea Steve! Good way to show your lovely plants. Love how you planted them in a row like this - makes them really obvious.

  9. Wow, great project! Really admire your adventurous appetite for tropical herb gardens. In my opinion, it really does look like one. Add a tall banana tree, it'll be smashingly tropical, identical to most of gardens in my kampong(hometown village). Have you visited The Kampong, Biscayne Bay in Coconut Grove, Florida. I read about it, think you can find garden ideas from there...

  10. Aaron:
    I would add more tropical flowers, but I have to keep some freeze hardy evergreen natives too! You'll see lots of flowers soon though, I promise.

    I love photoshop!

    Why yes it is a queen emma crinum! I think that the purple leaves help it visually recede.

    Hopefully I can keep the heliconias going this winter too! They really are the highlight right now.

    I personally think that the fence is an eyesore, but I'm sure I'll be grateful the next time we get a tropical storm.

    Yeah, they're in a wavy row because my parents still prefer a big lawn... Otherwise I'd be planting all over the backyard!

    Thanks for your compliment! I have some bananas in the front garden, but the back garden pictured is unfortunately too wet and compacted for bananas... I learned that the hard way.
    I haven't been to the Kampong, only Fairchild Gardens. I do plan on it though!

  11. I enjoyed my visit very much. So lush and green.

  12. Wow, it's great to see a healthy and beautiful tropical garden away from the tropics! It's amazing what you've done, cheers!


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