Butterfly Lovin'

I was watching the butterflies while suffering in the Florida heat, when I saw a Gulf fritillary butterfly that was content to flap its wings out in the open on a ginger leaf, paying no notice to my pentas and heliconias. Of course I took some photos, and when I next looked outside it was sitting in the open lawn flapping its wings slowly.  I thought it might be dying, but it seemed pretty healthy to me.

After a couple bottles of water and a "liedown", I went back outside and it was flying around attached to another one!  I guess it was just showing off to a prospective mate the whole time, and it paid off.

You may want to make sure your kids/wife/boss isn't looking when you scroll down to these pics, as they contain full frontal nudity, sexual situations, intercourse and drug usage.  Okay, no drug usage, but after these butterflies get buck wild I'm sure they had a smoke.

When they were done, the male left a tip on the heliconia leaf, flew off and presumably took a nap


  1. Beautiful shots! Kudos! Love the post.

  2. I read 'but after these butterflies get buck wild I'm sure they had a stroke' LOL. I was thinkin', Damn, maybe they shouldn't be doing it when it's so hot outside then! :P

  3. Whoa!!! Beautiful butterflies. Great pictures!

  4. The fritillary butterfly is one of my favorite; your pictures are amazing.


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