My Elevated Planter and other New Stuff

Big changes are underway in my garden, and over the last month or so I've been hard at work planting new beds, rearranging, laying paths and composing vignettes. You know, gardening stuff. I'll post about all of that soon, but the most exciting development by far has been the addition of two very big planters to my patio.

If you've been keeping up, you may have noticed that my patio is just one big concrete slab where I happen to put - well, anything garden related that won't fit in the garage. Actually, I haven't really posted too many pictures of the whole patio because I'm always finding empty compost bags and nursery pots in my shots. The problem with having a big, ugly concrete slab is that it ends up looking like a barren wasteland rather than an enjoyable place to hang out.

But now I've cleaned up my act! I had already planned on dividing the space with big planters, but this big elevated wooden planter box turned out to be just what I needed. To read more about this and some of my other projects, head on over to my Tuesday Morning blog post!

I'll post here again shortly so that you can see all of the other exciting additions to my garden. Here's a hint: I've finally cleared out the side yard!

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