Off the Wall Ideas for Orchids on the Walls

Hanging orchids on walls is nothing new, but with the popularity of gardening it just might become the next big thing! While I've been growing orchids on my wall for a while now, this wall at Polasek Sculpture Gardens in Winter Park takes it to another level. I don't know about you guys, but I can't think of a better way to decorate a wall in the outdoor room than by decking it out with orchids, bromeliads and other epiphytes.

A Few Reasons to Let It All Hang Out

Walls are a great way to show off a whole collection of orchids and bromeliads, and you can even swap plants out when they're out of flower. Just imagine the possibilities!

Ideal for small spaces. This one's a no-brainer. Vertical gardening is the way to go if you have limited space, and the simple display of orchids arranged on the wall is much neater than having them clustered together on shelves.

You're not limited to orchids. While epiphytes like bromeliads, orchids and ferns are best since they're drought tolerant and lightweight, other plants will work as long as you provide a little more water and support.

Orchids on walls are ideal for gardeners outside the tropics! Just bring the plants indoors when it gets cold and bring them back outdoors when things warm up a bit.

Watering can be hassle free. Water the baskets up top first and let the water trickle down to the pots down below. Install misting sprinkler heads above for easy irrigation and a cool jungly look.

Orchids are displayed in plain view. While hanging baskets from the ceiling gives you an ant's eye view and makes watering difficult, orchids on the wall are within easy reach. Place the blooming orchids at eye level for the best effect.

To Make Your Own

First of all, use your head. Don't overburden your wall with more weight than it can handle.

On a brick or concrete wall, drill a hole with a masonry bit and use masonry anchors. Here are some instructions from Ace Hardware.

On wooden walls, use screws and wall anchors, and caulk the edge of the hole afterwards to prevent moisture from seeping in and rotting the wood.



  1. that looks so pretty - I put a piece of bamboo diagonally across the corner and hung my orchids from that.

  2. I like it. That look happy there. I lost my two orchids this summer when I accidently burned them in the sun. :(

  3. africanaussie: That's a great idea! I saw hollowed out 'logs' of bamboo with orchids growing in the cavities on sale at a recent show, but the price was too steep.

    Andrew: Try again! My oncidiums and encyclias can take some sun, but the moth orchids never respond well. I'm so sorry for your loss... :(


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