A Warm Summer Afternoon Palette

I've been planning on sharing this arrangement of bromeliads with you, but decided that it would be even more fun to take a cue from the warm and spicy color scheme and create a mood board of sorts to inspire myself for the coming of fall. Sun baked hues of ochre and orange, deep greens and occasional explosions of magenta and purple seem like they would clash, but somehow seem right at home together in this imaginary subtropical garden of mine.


  1. Your photos and color palette are inspiring indeed! Oranges, it's missing in my gardens - adding a little spice.

  2. i decided a couple of years ago, after trying to be all matchy with autumnal oranges, yellows and rusts, that just about anything goes in the fall. i think the intensity matters more. so, pastels aren't so great, but red, purple, rust, yellow...loud is gorgeous this time of year, as far as i'm concerned. i just love all your tropicals!

  3. Very nice vignettes - especially the pale orange wall with the assortment of lush plants in it! Hmmm, where to use THAT color on a wall...glad I have clients... So vibrant!


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