My Moss island Project

I've always been concocting crazy ideas to create the look and feel of a rainforest on my balcony by covering branches with epiphytic plants. This is one idea that I've been tinkering around with for some time, but have just now gotten around to completing. Think of it as a 'Rainforest Drop' of a different sort. I simply wrapped the rootball of an ardisia plant with moss and twine, and then added the same rhipsalis that I use on the drops. Pretty cool, huh?

I guess this is an idea that's halfway between my epiphyte planted Rainforest Drops, and Japanese kokedama balls. The moss will eventually naturalize and fill in, the ardisia will be treated somewhat like a bonsai, and the rhipsalis will just get a little haircut whenever they look unkempt.

Unlike the Rainforest Drops, you can use any plant you'd like for this project. Keep in mind that you will need to water it more often than you would for a plant in a container, but it's worth it.This 'Moss Island' can be watered by filling a saucer or by watering the island from above. I suppose it could be suspended in mid air, but I think the wide saucer balances out the tall shape of the ardisia. I also prefer the asymmetrical shape of this over traditional kokedama moss balls. If desired, the whole shebang can be placed on any platter as a centerpiece like I've done here.

I'll post a 'how to' on my next moss island project, but here it is in a nutshell.

1. Place the rootball on a sheet of newspaper.

2. Start piling sphagnum moss and potting soil around the rootball.

3. Wrap twine around the root ball and moss tightly.

4. Begin tucking in living moss once the overall shape is attained.

5. Tuck in small plants if desired. I used rhipsalis.

That's it!



  1. A bird bath would be a beautiful base for this ;-)

  2. Beautiful! Love the kokedama aesthetic.

  3. Yes Steve that is so lovely. It will be very nice even here in our tropical country when placed in concrete offices in the big city. However, it might not last long with temperatures like ours. I don't always comment here, but i normally do in your FB site.

  4. Steve, what a great idea, one im going to try and recreate!


  5. Thank you, everyone! I plan on making more of these in the near future.


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