Sketch A Plant Sunday - Dracaena Part 2

I've finally made some headway with my Dracaena "Limelight" drawing! Recently Kat White has been sharing her own digital art, and I was inspired to play around with digital painting myself. First I worked out the lines with Prismacolor markers and filled in the leaves with a solid apple green. Then I downloaded an app called Sketchbook Pro to my new iPad and started drawing the plant in my living room from life.

What's nice about drawing on the iPad is that you can import a drawing like the one above and go physically draw on the tablet using your finger or a stylus. There is a wide variety of customizable brush styles to choose from, but the feature that would really appeal to those timid budding artists out there is the "undo" feature.

Oh yeah. The eraser is nice too. I have no doubts that I'll be using the eraser many times before I can cal this piece done! I set up a desk lamp on the shelf to the left of the plant and started drawing it as a still life. To my surprise, the dracaena has actually grown a bit in the last two weeks... so you might notice an extra leaf.

If you haven't checked out Bom's daughter's contribution from last week, please head over to Plant Chaser and have a look! His nine year old daughter made an animated sketch! He must be incredibly proud.

Please share your own drawings using the linky below! They don't have to be what you'd consider 'good' drawings; any drawing is actually very 'good'. You have all week to share your post, so it's actually quite fashionable to be late this time.


  1. Talent runs in the family. That's a very good rendering of a Dracaena!

    Thanks for mentioning Gabby. I will show this to her, I am sure it will tickle her pink.

  2. i have a huge one planted in a giant pot in my bedroom... seems to be doing quite well.

  3. Bom: Gabby's a natural born artist and I loved her animated sketch! She's very good at the chibi style.

    Dirty Girl Gardening: I barely water mine at all and they do very well. I buy one whenever I see 'em! :)

  4. Glad you liked it! And thanks for sparking off this idea, I might hang around here with more sketches soon! :)) Good day!


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