The Rainforest Garden Show - Episode One

Hey guys, wanna watch me sing improv or at least see a wobbly video of the garden? I decided to film a short clip of the garden for my mom in the hospital, and had to make it extra special. You see, singing with me was one of those things that my mom really loved throughout my childhood, especially since I'm now too shy to sing for anyone anymore... unless I'm just fooling around and not taking myself seriously! Of course I've also filmed a bit of the garden, so feel free to skip past the first video.

Yes I am a tad scruffy looking, but it's all from a single night's growth of facial hair. Staying over for the night in a hospital will do that to a man! I can't help but wonder what the neighbors thought when they opened the back door and heard a crazy scruffy guy talking and singing along with the voices in his head... and I really need to cool it with the shaky hands.

Anyways, the garden is still a bit dry but last week's rains really helped out a lot. I thought that the daylilies and callas had curled up their shoes and died during the drought but as it turns out, they simply curled up their shoes and started growing instead. The callas are even blooming again!

My cobrahead did a number on the weeds last week, but new seeds have already germinated since then. Maybe it's time I invested in some mulch, just this once. For those of you to impatient to wait for a loading video, I've included some more photos so you can get an idea of how everything is doing. (Hint: Everything's doing really well.)


  1. Nice to have a voice with a face, and I like the idea of showing a garden with video. I really, really must do that instead of just still pics. Thnaks for sharing, and I hope your mother is doing better, just from seeing this!

  2. Fun video and way to put yourself out there, singing and all! The garden looks great.

    I've been reading your posts about your mom and silently sending her energy from Oregon. She is one incredible lady! I'm hoping that she's home soon.

  3. Great little videos and I know your Mom will enjoy them. Hope she will soon be back home.

    I love your canna and also the lovely bloomer that you had in your wedding flowers.

    Happy summer gardening ~ FlowerLady

  4. Nice : ) the area at the back of the yard...the looks so ominous/black...what is behind that stand of trees? spookyyyyy

  5. Hope your Mom gets better soon. I know she appreciates you taking the time to show her things are doing well back home. That calla is amazing. I grew white ones one year but they were a one-hit wonder in my garden.

  6. Kelly:

    My mom busted a gut laughing at this. Luckily she was at they mayo clinic and they've already operated on her ruptured bowels before... Dark humor! :)

    My mom did love the video! She's unable to see stuff further out in the garden even under normal circumstances since she's confined to a wheelchair, so I might have to do this again!

    It doesn't look spooky, it looks peaceful! If you keep walking through the woods you simply end up in someone else's backyard. It's not a very big patch of forest at all.

    I've read that the white ones are more aquatic than the others... was it planted in really moist soil? I think that the hybrids are more adaptable to common garden situations.

  7. Love these videos Steve!!! Your singing is, well, sweet! Hope your Mom will be doing better soon. She is in my prayers!!! Your Mom's garden is really full of beauty!

  8. Love the singing idea - that is something totally unexpected - what a hook!


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