Crazy Topiaries at Epcot

As luck would have it, the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival ended right before we arrived on our honeymoon. Come to think of it, that was rather un-lucky. Fortunately for us, the topiaries were still out to be admired by fashionably late people like ourselves! The character topiaries were constructed with metal frames, sphagnum moss and creeping fig, along with some unconventional materials like painted coir and maybe a tillandsia.

These were my favorites. Check out the rusty effect on Mater the tow truck.

We were too late for the butterfly garden, but we got to see this really big butterfly instead!

This Pumbaa has nice touches such as a tail of tillandsia and a mane of mondo.
Out of the whole Toy Story 3 display, somehow I liked this simple ball the most.
Not all topiary was of Disney characters. Some were a little more elegant and could be appreciated in anyone's garden... assuming you were okay with spending the time to keep them trimmed!

These perfume bottles would be a chic addition to any couture themed garden.
This parterre would look awesome in a European themed garden!
There's a great article on making your own topiaries using vines on a wire form, and the possibilities are really endless. Even a simple centerpiece would make quite the statement! Stay tuned for the next post, where I'll cover container plantings and more at Epcot's European themed gardens.


  1. Wow you definitely got an eye full! They are all so beautiful. I love the rust effect on the car and Pumba too! It's amazing what people can do with unlimited money. LOL

  2. No Birkin bag-shaped topiary? ;-D


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