I Love Working on My Balcony

I just thought I'd share a few of the fun things I've been finding on my balcony lately. The other day I found a green tree frog in my flowerpot hunkering down during a severe thunderstorm, and the day after that I found a couple of green anole lizards that have taken up residence in my hanging rhipsalis baskets! If those animal encounters weren't enough, I've been enjoying the Vriesea sucrei flower (to the left) as well as another surprise...

I purchased this Dendrobium Parishii from the Orchids by Del-Rei booth at the Kanapaha Spring Festival. It was just starting to push out flowerbuds as I bought it, and its recently opened up all of it's raspberry scented flowers for my enjoyment. It's a deciduous Dendrobium much like Den. pierardii or Den. superbum, and it blooms without any leaves to distract you from the magical flowers.

This is what Rainforest Drops are made of: Rhipsalis!

That yummy sweet raspberry smell was such an enjoyable treat while I was making some more Rainforest Drops to send out. The sweet scent mingled nicely with the barbecue downstairs, and the shouts of children in the pool were the soundtrack to two whole hours of "work" that flew by faster than I could have imagined. It's already hot outside here in Jacksonville, but my shady balcony was warm and comfortable, and brushed by occasional breezes that sent my sphagnum moss flying in miniature whirlwinds. I guess you could say that I have it 'made in the shade'.


  1. I enjoy your blog, photos and balls! Keep up the great work.

  2. Steve: Your balcony is really becoming a rainforest with all those animals and plants! Ooh, that raspberry scented orchid is just so gorgeous! Actually its leaveless made the flowers more outstanding! The green tree frog looks enjoying your balcony very much.

  3. Neat stuff. Those balls are so cute!!!

  4. Clever idea with the Rhipsalis balls, I grow about a half dozen species myself, but can never remember their names. Unfortunately, they are pretty slow growing here, I'm sure they would prefer it warmer that what we typically get. I have the same issues with the Vriesea you show here, love the plant, but it does better brought into a greenhouse for the winter, I've lost quite a few of this type outdoors, and no room indoors for orphans, and no room for a greenhouse either.

  5. You must be doing something right - you always seem to have something blooming, and all your plants look so healthy - I love those rhipsalis balls.


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