Blooms in the Rainforest Garden

I feel like I've finally joined the ranks of all those other garden bloggers; you know, the ones who always have lots of flowers in bloom to share on their blog, regardless of the season. That's right, my tropicalesque garden is finally growing up. Though I am partial to foliage, there's something to be said for having those wonderful flowers to enjoy. Here are some of the things I have blooming at the moment!

The ubiquitous spring blooming shrub around here is the azalea, especially in older neighborhoods. I love the reliable evergreen foliage so much that I often forget to look forward to its display of flowers!

In front of some kurume azaleas are these fabulous orange reed stem epidendrums. For the record, I barely kept my existing container alive this winter, since we used its weight to hold down the drop cloth used for frost protection. Luckily I found some more!

Though pink and orange aren't necessarily seen as a desirable color combo, I don't see any reason that they wouldn't work together. After all, red and orange are next to each other on the color wheel, and pink is just a watered down version of red. What do you think?

It seems that my Epidendrum radicans is ready for its close-up. Even if it just ends up being an annual for me, it was still worth the $6 for three seasons of interest.

Speaking of seasonal interest, I've recently come to accept these cool season annuals for the color they bring to winter here in Northeast Florida. Yes, I am a sellout.

The flowers of weeping yaupon holly are often described as "insignificant" but the droves of honeybees would beg to differ. So would my nose.

Yes, I know that I've already shared photos of thesebromeliads, but I don't care. I also want to thank you all for helping me identify my Aechmea Gamosepala "Giant Form" and Quesmea "Lymanii", respectively.

Since The Rainforest Garden is actually forty minutes away at my parent's place, I never got to see this "Double Delight" rose bloom.

Luckily, my mom sent me a photo from her cell phone camera! The bloom started out white, turned yellow, and finally crimson red. I've never been much for roses, but I think that one great rose shouldn't get in the way of my tropical look. If only I got to see it for myself!

Even though I miss seeing the blooms at my folk's place, blooms like this Dendrobium parishii keep me happy on my balcony.

If you have any pictures of your garden, please share them on the Rainforest Garden Facebook Page! Many of you have sent me such wonderful pictures, but I crave more... MORE!


  1. *gasp!*

    You included the lowly Petunia in your post??

    You ARE a sellout. :P

  2. Thanks for sharing...especially love the gorgeous Epidendrum! Mary Ellen

  3. I'm glad to see you posting more blooms. I crave seeing tropical blooming plants this time of year!! I can't believe you have petunias blooming in April! My blooms here in Minnesota are much different, (although the azaleas aren't far behind yours). Here's a link to what's blooming in my gardens right now...


  4. You have some beauties. I love the reed stem epidendrums. They are so easy and need little care. Mine are in bloom all over the place. I LOVE your broms, especially the 'matchstick' I think it is. Beautiful.

    Happy Gardenings ~ FlowerLady

  5. I am partial to foliage too, but I do love flowers too. Your orange epidendrum with the pink in the background is perfect. I have decided I am not organized enough to keep a color pattern so am happily mixing it all up. If the plants like each other's company then the bloom colors look great to me.

    I've never seen the flowers of Yaupon Holly. Very interesting and scented too?

    Enjoy this great weather!

  6. Hi Steve...I happen to be one of those people who like unusual colors together and pink and orange works for me. They look lovely together in your picture. Where did you find your yaupon holly? I have been searching for one of them for a long time...everyone carries the dwarf variety. Also, do you know the name of your particular variety?

  7. You got some great blooms there!
    A Quesmea?! Whoa, I had no idea that genus was in cultivation. It's got such a cool name, I'd grow it just so I could say it. I don't think we have them here. Where ever did you get one?
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston


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