Epiphyte Day: Atlanta Botanical Garden

I'm going to have to cut this epiphyte day short, guys! I got back from my amazing trip with a nasty cold, so I've pretty much been sleeping and working since I got back. Rest assured that I have plenty to show you from the Proven Winners Outdoor Living Extravaganza as well as footage from the Atlanta Botanical Garden and its extensive epiphyte collection!

This month's epiphyte day was something of a mess, but luckily Kat, Monica and David were a bit more organized than myself.

Monica shares a post about those wickedly wonderful ant plants, along with some beautiful imagery of the epiphytic oddballs! David of Tropical Texana introduces us to neoregelia hoehneana, a very stoloniferous bromeliad that bears lots of pups which makes for lots of new plants, I might add. Kat of The Kat's Garden reminisces on a treasured bromeliad, billbergia nutans. This is a really cold hardy bromeliad too, and I've seen it take temps to at least 20 degrees. African Aussie contributes a post about her lovely lipstick plant too! I would love to find one of those at my nursery... Oh, and how on earth did I forget about Melissa's post about bromeliad shopping? Stupid cold!

As soon as this cold is done with me, you can expect to read a barrage of posts about my trip along with LOTS of photos. Happy belated epiphyte day!


  1. I think it might be nice to have some way to see everyone's epiphyte day posts. I am sure there are more than just these two and myself that participated! It'd be fun to see what everyone is up to in the epi world.

  2. I just discoverd that my marvellous lipstick plant is an epiphyte!
    hope you feel better soon!

  3. melissa:
    Nope, that's it this time around! I didn't really publicize it well this time, but next month's will be better! At least the three contestants stand a better chance of winning!

    Thanks! I'll be sleeping lots...

  4. africanaussie:
    Yay! Thanks for contributing! I'll add it to the post asap!

  5. Steve: I posted too! Did your tracker not pick it up? http://the-wynk.net/?p=1570

  6. Darn I missed this one! But I will check out everyone's posts! Hope that cold gets better. You have no idea how many bloggers are sick right now. I think I have wished 6 people well today!

  7. Melissa:
    How did I forget that? I'm so sorry!

    Must be an online bug!

  8. woohoo! thanks. hope you feel better soon! =)


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