Why Do You Love to Garden?

Last week I wanted to do a post explaining what I love about gardening so much, and decided to ask my facebook friends what they thought. Well, they gave a ton of great reasons to love gardening, I got sick with a cold, and the rest is history. Looking over the responses I realized that everyone already seems to know exactly how I feel, so to elaborate would only detract from what they have to say.

I also realized that I'm dizzy with sinus congestion and can't write a thing to save my life, so I'll just share the poetic insights from these enlightened gardeners. Enjoy!

Why do you love to garden?

Susie Hess Miller  
Because it feels good. Well, 85% of the time, the other 15% feels good later.

Deborah Cox Anderson 
I love the feel of dirt beneath my fingernails, the smell of rain, watching a beautiful plant come from an itty bitty seed. 
It's something I can do by myself & not have to entertain another person, and on the other hand it's something my friends & I can do together. 
It brings back great memories of time spent with my parents & grandparents . . . I could go on and on . . . what's not to love?

Debbie Perry McMurry 
It is my creative therapy! I love gardening of any kind. Each flower garden I create creates memories with my grandkids.

Linnea Bergvall 
I love my little balcony garden because it is a place of peace and because it is so exciting to watch things grow. Also, homegrown vegetables and berries are so delicious!

Kelly Thorpe Schubert 
It's where I connect, where I plug in. So much of gardening is a parallel to our lives. From pulling the unwanted weeds, planting in the right spot for blooming, to pruning for the good of the plant. Always a pest or two to battle, but the beauty and gratification far outweighs their influence. It's good for the soul. ☼

Brian Donovan  
At the risk of sounding like a big hippy, I love gardening because it keeps me connected to the seasons, the cyclical passage of time, and therefore makes me feel human. That's important because so much of work life involves a computer screen.

Cherie Coogan 
I garden to keep my sanity. My gardens and such are my many therapists from anger management to depression, loneliness, frustration and pure joy at seeing the first bloom of the season and the expectations of the season to come.

It's a challenging art form. Deer, slugs, bugs eat your work; freezes kill, rain drowns; Mother Nature has her say!

I love the sheer magnificent miracle of watching things transform. Seeds growing into plants and then into things you can eat. 
I love to watch plants crafting flowers, fruits and vegetables, or incredible foliage - I'm not sure there is anything cooler (besides watching human beings transform, but that takes a lot longer!). 
I love the beauty and the fragrance and the taste. I love the surprise and the improbability of it all. It centers me and drives me crazy - in equal measure. 

Okay, I can add one more thing that wasn't covered. I love the perfectly designed forms of plants.  From the winter framework of a bare trees branches, to the vein patterns in an alocasia leaf, I could stare at the infinite artwork of each plant's unique features for hours... unfortunately I wouldn't get much done. 

So that's why I love gardening! Good night everyone! (Tonight's post was brought to you by Sudafed. Glorious Sudafed.)


  1. Fascination about plants, and it's a great outlet for creativity. And it's nice spending time outside seeing growth and admiring beauty.

  2. I never thought I would love gardening. I used to hate getting dirty, hated bugs.

    Well,I still hate bugs, but the dirt part isn't so earth-shattering to me now :D I am amazed every spring that something that I'VE planted with my own hands will grow and bloom. Anyone who just sees a flower as a flower and not something magical is missing something. That's why I love gardening so much, it's magic.

  3. Yes, I love gardening because it is full of surprises and a great outlet and relaxing place for me! Hope you fell better soon!

  4. I think I love it for the same reason you do. It has never been about planning or working (I hate that part!) for me. I am just completely fascinated by the design in each plant, every leaf and every bloom, and I marvel at every non-rooted creature that visits my garden as well. That's why I garden.

    Hope you're feeling better soon! We had a bad flu bout in my house this month, and I have somehow miraculously evaded it (knock on wood).

  5. It's just about the only entertainment left that the government hasn't figured out how to tax yet.

  6. I like the way it makes me feel about myself. To be able to grow something, nourish life and keep it alive. I actually feel proud of what I have accomplished. On a bad day when I beat myself up about something stupid all I have to do is go look at plants or pot something! I feel great about me!

  7. It's a compulsion. I'm cursed/blessed with gardening genes!



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