Second Epiphyte Day and Contest!

Welcome to round two of the Epiphyte Club! The First Epiphyte Day was such a rousing success that I've decided to go all out and do another giveaway! The rules are simpler this time, and you can enter in three ways, as many times as you want. Just be sure to leave a comment telling me about each entry. Read on to learn more!

1. Post about epiphytes and share a link on my blog. This earns you 4 points.
2. Retweet this on Twitter for one point:
Second Epiphyte Day is here! Write a blog post or RT to win free plants from!
3. Share on Facebook for one point.

You can write about anything as long as it pertains to those wonderful inhabitants of the treetops, epiphytes. Some examples are epiphytic ferns, cacti, bromeliads, orchids, mosses, lichens, ant plants, lycopodiums, ficus, or anything else you can think of that grows in trees. The prize package will include an assortment of epiphytic cactus cuttings, and possibly an orchid.

Official Rules and stuff:
1. Winner must be in the continental United States to receive plants. 
2. If I draw your name, I will verify that you completed one of the actions.  So no faking.
3. To ensure survival of the plants, I will not ship tropical plants through cold weather and reserve the right to postpone delivery until I feel its safe to send the tender plants.
4. Plants will be well packed and sent in good health, but I make no guarantees after they ship.
5. Oh yeah, no one in my family can win.  Sorry sis, I'll bring you plants anyways, so no need to enter.

Contest ends on the 3rd of February, 2011. Winner will be picked by February 5th, 2011. Prize will be shipped by March 1st, 2011.


  1. I transplanted my Cattleya from a moss filled pot to a piece of wood. A big shock for the plant but I think it's going to make it!

  2. Steve,
    Can you tell me the name of the plant in your photo and if it blooms.
    I like the elongated french fry looking segments.
    Very cool looking.
    thanks, michelle

  3. Aerelon:
    That sounds like such a rewarding project! I've mounted the Florida native encyclia tampensis on a piece of driftwood myself and its doing swimmingly. :)

  4. Michelle:
    Its a rhipsalis micrantha, and the blooms are beautiful and blanket the plant like snowfall. I have a large basket of it, and this is VERY easy to start from cuttings! I've also left some outside in winter with success, growing close to the ground. Here's a post I did on taking the cuttings I used to fill this pot.

  5. I got a rhipsalis from a friend years ago. And they are easily propagated by cuttings. Sometimes, I get a little ambitious and neglected them and one day I found that the whole plant is surviving just with a ball of rootmass with all the soil washed off over time by watering.
    They are very hardy but a slow grower. I really love the way you put them in a frame and hang it on a wall. Wish I could do that one day when time permits.

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  8. Please enter a recent post of mine in your contest. I'll be the first to admit that it is a little off-crown, but they are epiphytes!

  9. Steve for this month's Epiphyte Club I decided to give everyone a tour of the LA Arboretum's orchid house since it has tons of cool Epi's inside.

  10. Does our Tillandsia Paradise post about Rainforest Flora from 1/20 count?

  11. James:
    Some of mine grow incredibly slowly while others grow in leaps and bounds! Some are just slower than others. Glad you're growing them!

    Buford Nature:
    I remember seeing that post and loving it! If you want it to count, just be sure to include a link to The Rainforest Garden in your post! :)

  12. Kat:
    LOVED that post, especially the shot with the roots wrapping around the tree. I hope you're enjoying the spoils of victory from last month! :)

  13. Megan:
    Of course it counts... that was a really great post. Just be sure to include a link to the RFG if you'd be so kind!

  14. Hey RG:
    Thanks for the reminder. I'll post my epiphyte pic and post on Monday night...Jan 31st.
    I've already got my fav for this month picked out.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  15. Oh, I forgot the name! Sorry.
    It's called (take a deep breath...)

    "Neoregelia Olens Vulcan x #696 x Concentrica"
    That's a funny name, istn't it?

    It's a local hybrid from our Houston Bromeliad Society.
    Why do I like it? Because of the cool name, because it grows quickly, and because I left it outside on a tree during a heavy freeze and the thing still lived. David

  16. Yay! I know that most concentrica hybrids do well here in jax too, but knowing that you left it in a tree is helpful. There was a colony of neo. mottles in a local nursery's tree for years but last winter it bit the dust. Seems that aechmea distichantha, gamosepala and their relatives do well in trees here though.

  17. Oooh very cool! I just tweeted and facebooked this!

  18. Hi entry in the 2nd Epiphyte day is up: I hope the fern I am posting about is technically an epiphyte!

  19. From what I can tell its a lithophyte, meaning that it lives on stones. Close enough! Glad you got one of those... I had seen one in a tacky farmers almanac ad and wondered about the species name and where to get it...

  20. Ok Steve, I've got mine up and posted. Happy Epiphyte Day.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  21. Yeah I have one up and posted! It is one of my favorite succulents! I tweeted and shared on facebook too! The link to my blog is:

    Happy day!

  22. Oh boy...I'm behind in my blog reading and just found out about your meme. I have 1 day left!! You know what I'll be working hard on tonight!!! :D

  23. RG,
    Thanks for the hat tip. My post refs your blog in the Favorite Blogs sidebar. Thanks.


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