Keeping My Plants Safe From Frost

Well, that hard freeze never panned out like they thought it would, and I'm definitely not complaining in the least!  All my children, I mean plants... are huddled together safe and sound indoors.  At least they're safe until my fiance gets too tired of them intruding, taking up space in our living room and blocking the tv!

I left some plants out on my balcony as an experiment, and they weathered the slight freeze admirably in large part to the protection of a blanket and the warmth radiating from my sliding glass door.  The plants that were lucky enough to have a winter home indoors are doing fine, but they'll be able to get a more thorough watering as soon as I take them back outdoors. 

I also took cuttings of my 'red sister' ti plant, which doubled as a lovely bouquet!  You can see it my other blog, over at The Garden Geek.  Have a look around while you're there too!

Back at my parent's place, there was indeed a freeze, just not the disastrous apocalypse to end all freezes that I had planned for.  According to my dad, the Rainforest Garden got down to 29 degrees, but I'm going with a much more conservative estimate of 32.

Only patches of exposed foliage were toasted, and when I visited last night the only plants that were completely defoliated included the usual tender suspects: Morning glory, firebush, tibouchina, banana, and... that's actually it.

Some plants performed pretty darn well too!  My firespike was wimpy in spots but still blooming and healthy overall!  Oh, and the papaya that I covered with a large box? Its in perfect shape!  There were even stalks of the heliconia that came through alright.

So how did your gardens fare so far in this unseasonable cold weather?


  1. those ti plants should root in water - they make a lovely arrangement.

  2. Glad to hear things are not too bad in your gardens. Hope you weather the next cold front this coming week as well. We have predictable damage but a lot was spared under the oak canopy.
    Like you, I brought in the orchids and tillandsias. Other tender plants are on the porch under covers. I think I'll try some Ti plant cuttings in water. Thanks for the idea.

  3. We only got to 40 degrees all is well. My vegies are actually loving the cooler weather (except I see the okra is now stressed, but keeps producing anyway). The carrots, egglant and kale are all standing tall and happy! So glad all your stuff came through mainly well. I hated the ultra cold nights when I lived in Gainesville for 10 years. But...there is such a wonderful freshness about it, with fires burning and the fantastic smell of pine and the outdoors in general at this time of year. Enjoy it all.

  4. I just planted firespike for the first time a couple months ago and it looks toasted! I'm hoping it will come back.

  5. africanaussie: Thanks! I'm goint to enjoy them a little more before I lay them flat in soil... that way I get multiple plants!

    NanaK: Sorry your garden got some damage! I'm hoping this next one isn't so bad, and I just wish it would warm up enough to put my plants back out. Ugh, low of 27 Monday night. :(

    That fireplace smell is the best! It reminds me of the many camping trips my fiance and I would take in the cooler parts of the year. Good time of the year were it not for the freezes here.

    I'm sure it will come back! Mine's returned after nights of 20f, so I'm sure yours will bounce right back! They are resilient plants.

  6. Hi,
    I love your blog, I could spend hours here! I live in MN so I am jealous of your mild temps! It's 13 degrees outside right now and the snow is piling up fast. I have to keep my plants inside from September through May, it gets old. Hope you don't get anymore freeze scares.


  7. Amy:
    That meant the world to me! I checked out your blog and am thrilled to know that someone up in MN is adventurous enough to grow a plumeria! Thanks for visiting!


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