Easy Vertical Gardening

I wrote a guest post for Life on the Balcony about easy and affordable vertical gardens, and I can't recommend this blog enough if you're looking for creative ideas to make the most of your small garden.  Fern Richardson is also releasing a book in Fall 2011 by Timber Press about balcony and patio gardening, and you might even see some of my own balcony in those very same pages!  In the meantime, get your fix over at Life on the Balcony!


  1. Can't wait for those modular wall planters to be available here :-) And, nice collection of plants you grow in the planter Steve.

  2. Enjoyed reading your guest post. It was full of inspiring ideas. Also enjoyed perusing 'Life on the Balcony.' It has me thinking about some changes for the back porch.


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