3 More Days to Submit Your Epiphyte Post!

Hey Garden Bloggers! You still have three more days to share a post about a favorite epiphyte (plant that naturally lives in a tree), and enter to win a prize package of... you guessed it, epiphytes!  You can either go to the contest page to take part in the very first "Epiphyte Day", or you can continue on to read the contributions of the five bloggers to participate so far. Or, you could just do both!

Epiphytes in My Backyard, by "Africanaussie" - I was thrilled to see the huge bird's nest fern in AfricanAussie's post, but the tree trunk absolutely decked out in other ferns like elkhorns was too much.  If you want to see epiphytes in their natural environment, you won't be disappointed.

That's So Sybiotic of You by Kat White -  Kat shares one of the most unusual epiphytes, an "ant plant" from the milkweed family!  The name "Ant Plant" is used to describe a genus spanning group of plants that houses ants in its leaves or stems to ward off predators in a symbiotic relationship!

Julie's Favorite Epiphyte by Julie of A Succulent Life - Here's a classic epiphyte that often gets taken for granted, Spanish moss!  I thought I knew a lot about tillandsia usneoides, but Julie knocked my socks off with her barrage of awesome facts, such as "The plant is used as fodder for livestock". Who knew?

My Tillandsia Christmas Loot by NotSoAngryRedhead - NotSoAngryRedhead received the Christmas present of a lifetime; a whole shipment of different tillandsia species!  Tillandsias are also known as 'air plants' for their ability to grow in tree branches, telephone wires, chain link fences, or tacky fridge magnets, and the aforementioned 'Spanish moss' is also a tillandsia. 

Houseplants Which Are Also Epiphytes by Mr. Subjunctive - This is a great primer on epiphytes to grow at home, and from a true expert on houseplants too!  Mr. Subjunctive also provides a detailed definition on what an epiphyte actually is to begin with... This is a great post to read before you do your own article for Epiphyte Day!

Again, you can go to the Epiphyte Day Contest Page to share your own link, as well as learn how to win plants by other means if you're not keen on blogging. To those who will be joining in the meme, I can't wait to read your posts!



  1. Oh I do wish I had epiphytes in my garden realm, but alas, not a tillandsia spanish moss, or bird's nest fern here!
    Still, I wish you many great additions to your Epiphytes' posts,
    and especially.. a joyful, healthy 2011!
    aka Bay Area Tendrils / Alice's Garden Travel Buzz

  2. Thanks Alice! If only everyone was so lucky to have an epiphyte in their possession. :)

  3. I am really starting to love epiphytes. I have Spanish Moss, ferns, orchids, broms and tillandsias and others that I don't know the name of.

    I look forward to learning more about them from your blog.

    Have a wonderful 2011.


  4. Thanks FlowerLady!
    I think the main reason I like epiphytes so much is their for their addictive and collectible nature, if not for their ease of growing. There are so many easy types to choose from!

  5. This came at a perfect time for me, I just wrote a new posted about my Phalaenopsis orchid! I'm going to go to your other post and add the link mine there! This is awesome, thanks!


  6. This contest was a great opportunity for me to think about why I like Cattleyas so much. Here's my entry: The Case for Catts
    (I hope I made the deadline.)
    Happy New Year,


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