Fiscus Palm, Anyone?

Every now and then I make the trip to Whole Foods to see if they have any tropical fruit to harvest seeds from.  Well, they didn't have much in the way of unique fruit, but they did have a palm I had never seen before, by the name of... "Fiscus Palm"?

I've always wanted a palm tree that looks just like a Ficus binnendijkii, and apparently I too can have a plant that defies the laws of genetics for the low, low, not really that low price of $69.99.

To be fair, at least they thought better of the made up name "Fiscus" and renamed it as (a more familiar sounding) "Ficus" for the plant immediately to the right.  And then as if they couldn't make up their mind as to which name was a better fit, they left both signs out on display.  Perhaps they saw Ficus binnendijkii on the label and couldn't spell it, or thought it was made up.  Hey, I had to rely on trusty Ctrl C for this one myself!  Beneath the ficus trees were plants cryptically marked "Lillie", which were in fact peace lilies. Now how many plants can you think of with 'lily' as part of the name?

You can click on this link to see an excellent writeup of your plant, Ficus binnendijkii thanks to Mr. Subjunctive of PATSP. 


  1. Ah much naming fun. It's almost like a contest of craziness isn't it?

  2. Does this Fiscus Palm cook and clean too for that price? I always thought ficuses must be cheap in FLA since they grow like weeds down there.

  3. I can understand if the price is for a plastic tree... one that never dies... or if this tree comes in a really nice pot... then they should itemise...

    That price is a lot of of money here...


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