Zorak the Mantis

Today I found a friendly praying mantis in the garden... stalking baby lizards.  I will name him Zorak and he will be mine.
The first couple of photos were taken with a foggy lens, but I rather like the effect, as it makes the fence in the background look more ethereal and gives an ominous ambience.  As I approached Zorak to take some close ups, he promptly tried to reach out and beat the crap out of me, actually grabbing the lens at one point!  I appreciate this determination in a predatory insect. (Photo courtesy Hanna Barbera)

In this photo, Zorak tries to fend off the camera, stretching out with his scythe like forearms... or whatever technical term applies here.


  1. They are some cooling looking creatures

  2. Very awesome!!! These guys freak me out at the same time that they intrigue me. They're such a cool bug but they are not afraid. When they turn and face you, I'm certain they're aliens with super powers. Zorak is amazing!

  3. Steve,
    The female Mantids like to eat the males. Are you sure Zorak was just fending off the camera lens. Perhaps Zorak is actually Zorakia and was sizing you up for lunch :] P.S. Nice Pics!

  4. Great photos...you have provided me with a smile and chuckle because of the description !
    I love it : )

  5. Yeah! You found one...I cannot find one down here to save my soul!!! He was a cutie!


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