Seminole Bromeliad and Tropical Plant Sale

Its this Saturday and Sunday, August 14th and 15th at 200 Fairmont dr. in Sanford, from 9am to 4 pm..

So who's going?  I went last year and scored some great broms but the best part is that I found lots of people who were enthusiastic about bromeliads.  Speaking of which, Grower Jim of the Garden Adventures blog will be there, selling a great assortment of tropicals.  Maybe I can score his jaboticaba plant, that is, if its still there by Sunday.

After the sale its off to Ikea for some wedding inspiration!  You know, hurricane lanterns, vases, and other cool stuff for table settings, and then its time for their famed swedish meatballs and lingonberry sauce!  Bromeliads, Ikea and yummy food is just too much for me to take.

Last year I found some nice bromeliads such as vriesea philippo coburgii and a beautiful metallic looking neoregelia known as "beau geoff". I plan on getting a couple of broms this time too seeing as bromeliads are kinda my thing, but I was wondering if any of you wonderful people know of a nursery in the Orlando or Seminole County area that sells passionfruit plants.  I'm looking for one to cross pollinate with my seedling later in the season if possible, but any tips on good garden centers in the area would be great, passionfruit or not.  I appreciate the help and hope to see some of you there!


  1. Sounds like good times! I wish I knew of a cheap source for Tillandsia you should have them on the tables at your reception! Or you have a Trader Joe's near you? You know...they have incredibly cheap Bromeliads most of the time. I bet they would do a special order for you!

  2. No trader joes in the south, but you read our minds with regards to the tillandsias! We're actually going to use them as crosages and boutiniers... we'll be getting some at this event at least!

  3. This sounds like a wonderful evnt...sure wish i could come! I found several nurseries that sell broms in the area there, one in Apopka, which isn't too far away caled Kerry's.

    Another event to look forward to is in November.
    11/03/01 – Bromeliad Extravaganza at Leu Gardens in Orlando(1920 N. Forest Ave.)

    Leu Gardens is a beautiful place!

    Have fun...and eat some Swedish meatballs for me too!!!

  4. Happy shopping Steve! I know you are going to bring home some really gorgeous plants ;-)

  5. Thanks for the extra publicity, Steve! I hope to see lots of people there.
    The biggest independent nursery in the area is Lukas They would probably have passionfruit, but you could call ahead.
    There are two nice, small garden centers on the opposite side of Orlando within a couple of blocks of each other:

    There are several large bromeliad nurseries in the area but most are wholesale only and not open on weekends.
    Thanks for the offer of cuttings! That would be great!

  6. p.s. I realized I got so excited about your wedding decor I didn't say how much I liked the graphic! Good job, love the plant sale tag.

  7. I love a good plant sale! Especially the ones with the unique rare and wild plants! Have fun playing in the Bromeliads! Make sure to stop for some meatballs while your at Ikea, they are so good I use them as bribes to keep my children good while in the store. Yay for Ikea! Good luck looking for all your wedding bits and bobs.

  8. Can't wait to see what you bought!


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