Free Tropical Garden Desktop Wallpapers!

In the last post I talked about sharing plants, and its high time I shared something else with you guys, like some tropical themed wallpapers for your desktop!  These are all high resolution images sized 1800 x 1200, so they should be large enough for most of your screens.  Check out the Rainforest Garden Store for more goodies!

All I ask is that you request permission from me if you would like to use them for anything else besides a wallpaper or screensaver.  Any visitor is welcome to use these, and hopefully I've provided something for everyone!  (I've included some blank space and a gradient to the left on some to allow for your icons)

To set them as wallpaper, just click on the image, zoom in, and right click to select "set as desktop background".

Curcuma leaf with shadows of palm fronds

Aechmea "Blue Cones" flowers

King Sago Cycad

Passiflora Alatocaerulea

Heliconia "Costa Flores"


Bilbergia Pyramidalis, sidelit by the sun

Neoregelia "Sunshine" blooming

Dewdrops on Alpinia Nutans

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  1. These are nice, thank you for sharing them : )

  2. I love that Neoregelia "Sunshine" most - both the plant and the shot. Blue flowers against the bright green colour is so cool! Thanks!!

  3. Wonderful idea ... your photos are just terrific. I do so like the cycad shot and that beautiful Aechmea!!

  4. Great shots and a nice idea for sharing them with others.


  5. Wow, Steve! I took you up on the Aechmea "Blue Cones." It's quite stunning in full size as background. Thanks!

  6. Hey Steve, these are really nice. Thanks for sharing your pics like this. I'll have to try out one of these pics when it gets cold and ugly here in Chicago and I need to think of warmer temps.

  7. Those are some great pictures! I especially liked the Aechmea "Blue Cones" picture!

  8. I like passiflora and dewdrops. It's so amazing that you did this and share the amazing photos with us. Nice thought! & thanks!

  9. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them! They just might turn up in a dollhouse near me soon! :D


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