Bloom day!

Lily of the Nile

Society Garlic

Neoregelia Spectabilis

Crape Myrtles

 Blood Lily


Butterfly Weed

Lily of the Nile, White

African Iris

I'm more of a foliage gardener anyways so I guess it shouldn't bother me too much that not much is in bloom right now, especially compared to all the other bloggers out there right now!  Right now I'm finding more excitement in my recently sprouted pink velvet banana seedlings and chaemadorea radicalis seedlings.  Next month I'll have more blooms though, I promise!


  1. Beautiful pictures!!! Especially the lily of nile ones. You captured its beauty so well! Those little blue flowers of Neo is also very pretty! My Neos are also blooming.

  2. I have never seen a Lily of the Nile before!!! How gorgeous!!! The Crepe Myrtles are really going to town this time of year!!!

  3. It seems like the Lily of the Nile have been more spectacular this year in Central Florida than ever before. I think maybe our long cool spring this year had something to do with it.

  4. Those Lily of the Nile pictures are just splendid. I'm still waiting on mine to bud. Your bottlebrush looks happy too. Enjoy your blooms AND your beautiful, lush foliage.

  5. Love your Neoregelia photo!!! The Lily of the Nile pics are great too :) Your blog is beautiful. It's my first visit, but not my last.

  6. Fantastic showing for bloom day, Steve! I see your blood lily is still in full bloom...this is one lily that I especially covet. I need one! A coworker has one on her's so rubbery and different! My lily of the Nile hasn't bloomed, although it's new and may be in a bit of shock. Who knows? But yours is really nice.

  7. Thanks guys!

    Megan, I checked out your site and bookmarked it! I love it... especially that post on bromeliads!

    Kimberly, That photo was from earlier, although there have been 3 other blood lily blooms since then. I actually like the lush leaves even more than I do the flowers!

  8. My favorite photo is the first one of the forest. We need to preserve the natural areas for our sake for the that of wildlife.

  9. I have never seen African irises before. It is very beautiful. I also liked the society garlic. I have garlic chives, but they are just filler (and boy, do they fill -- everywhere!!).

  10. Great pictures of beautiful flowers. I have had purple Lilies of the Nile for years and just bought a white one last year. Surprisingly they were affected quite a bit by the cold this year and haven't bloomed yet.


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