Deerfield Beach Arboretum Bloom Photos

I just got back from my trip and I have lots to blab on about!  For now I'll just leave you some pretty pictures at the Deerfield Beach Arboretum AKA the Tree Zoo, where we got to walk around a small botanical garden free of charge! 
Here's a shaving brush tree in its flowering glory with the sun shining through its stamens as if they were fiberoptic cables!
In the foreground is the white shaving brush tree, and in the background is the pink one.
I'm not sure what kind of aechmea this is, but I love the colors on this one!
I never get tired of the Bottlebrush's flowers.  They always remind me of raspberry jam for some reason.

Here's another aechmea bromeliad I'm not familiar with. 

This is a ginger in the costus family with larger than life yellow flowers poking out of the bracts.  It made me hungry and I do not know why.  

Thats all for today!  I hope everyone had a good week!


  1. Wonderful tropical flowers! I love those shaving brush trees. Those aechmeas are awesome as well! Bottlebrushes make me think of scrubbing out baby bottles day after day...another time in my life. They truly look identical.

  2. That ginger and tree zoo are amazing! Love them :-D I have not seen a white shaving tree before... looks strange to me though... Thanks for sharing these unique plants.

  3. Wowzers! You were down south of me!!! The bottlebrushes here are just full of blossoms..they are so neat! Hey...these broms are really special too...I must read more about them!!!

  4. The shaving tree flower in the first picture is just stunning! I have never see those two bromeliad flowers before. Beautiful!

  5. I liked the shaving tree flower and bottle brush flower's first the seeing them. Beautiful.

  6. RFG - Great photos. Can't wait to see more. I have a huge costus like that or should say had one like that. It hasn't shown signs of returning this year. Hopefully it's just late.

  7. I love this arboretum! Nice place to visit..sounds like you had a great time!


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