Decor - Floating Flowers

Bring the Rainforest Garden indoors with spa style by simply cutting your favorite tropical flowers and floating them in an appropriate bowl of your choice.  Visitors can appreciate flowers close up in a water garden of lilliputian proportions and you don't even have to tell them it took less than a minute to assemble. You may include tealight candles as well as long as the flowers do not come into contact with the flame, for obvious reasons. 

In the first picture I have two types of passionflower perfuming the room with their mouthwatering fragrances; "Incensa" on the left has the very sweet aroma of incense, while "Imperatrice Eugenie" smells like lemon Pledge, which to me is the smell of a clean house.  Conveniently enough, passionflowers are prolific bloomers and will keep you supplied with flowers til frost.  If pollinated they may even bear fruit! 

Make sure you choose flowers that have a cupped shape so they stay afloat, such as these Phillippine ground orchids and if you're really creative, try surrounding the larger flowers with a backdrop of smaller ones such as firespike, lily of the nile, or orange blossoms to really set off your masterpiece!  If you don't have exotic plants to showcase, use acorn caps or leaves.  Anything goes!

Be sure to tell me centerpieces you've done and include a picture link too!


  1. Ooooooh, those floating passionflowers are so gorgeous! I might have to rethink my vine phobia. I wish I had a fence. What are yours growing on?

  2. One of them climbs a fence and for the other I tied two shepherds hooks together for support and hung a birdhouse from it. I loosely looped twine around the vine as it grew so that it would grow up and not out. Passionflowers bloom best after they've reached the top of their support so this setup is perfect, especially if it gets some sun. The footprint is only about a foot, so it doesn't take any room and doesn't overrun any other plants.

  3. I have passionflower envy...They won't usually flower or overwinter around here, and I've actually not tried one indoors for many years. But I love the flowers, and am tempted...must...resist...

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  5. I live in a cool temperate rainforest environment in Australia.
    Very different from Florida, no doubt.
    We do have a native Passionfruit, with attractive peach-coloured flowers, but the fruit is a sad disappointment.
    Like your display idea though.

  6. My interest was peaked the second I saw your photo of the floating passionflowers! I adore this vine, although for some reason I don't have one to date. I'm sure I'll add it because I love it so much (I've given it as a gift on several occasions). I love your idea of being creative and using anything...even acorn caps. Very Creative!!!! Bravo!!!


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